Geological map data

Many of our maps are now available digitally, as vector data and raster images.

All of our maps are prepared digitally. Our archive of 'paper-only' maps are being digitised in an ongoing programme.

Digital maps

Geology map of UK Geology, onshore (DiGMapGB)
Digital Geological Map of Great Britain (DiGMapGB) has 1:625 000, 1:250 000, 1:50 000, 1:25 000 and 1:10 000 scale datasets for England, Wales and Scotland.

Parent material properties map Geology, onshore (DiGMapGB-Plus)
DiGMapGB-Plus provides a very wide range of value-added geological data and information based on the digital geological map — DiGMapGB-50.

UK offshore geology Geology, offshore (DigRock250 & DigSBS250)
The 1:250 000 scale offshore geological maps are available digitally as two themes: bedrock geology (DigRock250) and sea-bed sediments (DigSBS250).

Sample DigBath250 data Bathymetry (DigBath250)
Vector attributed digital bathymetry of UK and adjacent European waters including North Sea, English Channel, South-west Approaches, Irish Sea and north-west Scotland.

The vector data are structured into themes and available in a variety of formats allowing them to be used in geographical information systems (GIS) where they can be integrated with other types of spatial data.

Data licences

Digital geological map data are available both onshore and offshore at a range of resolutions from small to large scale.