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1:50 000
Great Britain
GIS polygon data (ESRI, MapInfo, others available by request)

All 6 themes: £0.8 per km2

Collapsible deposits: £0.05 per km2

Compressible ground, Running sands: £0.2 per km2

Landslides, Shrink swell: £0.3 per km2

Soluble rocks £0.15 per km2

Subject to number of users, licence fee and data preparation fee.

Local-level use

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Our free data is available under the Open Government Licence. Please acknowledge reproduced BGS materials.

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BGS GeoSure national datasets provide geological information about potential ground movement or subsidence that can help planning decisions.

This data also provides essential information for the BGS Natural Ground Stability GeoReport.

BGS GeoSure data gives you information about:

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We have a wide range of licensed geoscience data. The datasets range from the geological data family (BGS Geology) to offshore data, ground stability datasets and 3D models.

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Preparation of ground prior to building foundation.

BGS GeoSure: collapsible deposits

The potential for collapsible ground to be a hazard has been assessed using 1:50 000 scale digital maps of superficial deposits.

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Preparation of ground prior to building foundation.

BGS GeoSure: compressible ground

Ground is compressible if an applied load, such as a house, causes the fluid in the pore space between its solid components to be squeezed out causing it to decrease rapidly in thickness (compress).

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BGS GeoSure: landslides

The potential for landsliding (slope instability) to be a hazard has been assessed using 1:50 000 scale digital maps of superficial and bedrock deposits. These have been combined with information from the BGS National Landslide Database and scientific and engineering reports.

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sand dunes

BGS GeoSure: running sand

Some rocks can contain loosely-packed sandy layers that can become fluidised by water flowing through them. Such sands can ‘run’, removing support from overlying buildings and causing potential damage.

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BGS GeoSure shrink–swell

Many soils contain clay minerals that absorb water when wet (making them swell), and lose water as they dry (making them shrink). Many of us see this in our gardens when the ground becomes cracked during the summer, yet becomes ‘heavy’ in the winter.

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Fallen blocks of fossil rich Jurassic limestone litter the beach along the World Heritage Jurassic Coast and attract fossil hunters. The public should exercise caution when standing under or at the top of cliffs and are advised to abide warning signs. Taken 25 July 2012.

BGS GeoSure: Soluble Rocks

Ground dissolution occurs when water passing through soluble rocks produces underground cavities and cave systems. These cavities reduce support to the ground above and can cause localised collapse of the overlying rocks and deposits.

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