Science facilities

BGS Research

BGS operates and maintains a wide range of state-of-the-art laboratories and other facilities. These facilities, managed under the Laboratory Facilities Programme, underpin virtually all of our diverse range of core and commissioned research programmes.

In addition to information on capability, you will find examples of how our science facilities contribute to our research efforts.

Our science facilities

South Georgia Geophysical observatory

Geophysical observatories

BGS operates a series of magnetic observatories around the globe.

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Geotechnical research and design facility

Engineering and Geotechnical Capability

The BGS Engineering and Geotechnical Capability leads the development and application of field and laboratory infrastructure and long-term management of geophysical and geotechnical property data.

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geoscientist in the lab

Centre for Environmental Geochemistry

The Centre for Environmental Geochemistry focuses on the use of geochemistry in research, training and teaching.

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Geomicrobiology laboratory

Fluid and Rock Processes Laboratory Cluster

This cluster does research to identify, measure and quantify complex geological and environmental processes essential in the efficient utilisation of natural resources and underground spaces.

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Rock Volume Characterisation Laboratory Cluster

This cluster studies the structural and compositional characterisation of rocks and their constituent parts at all scales.

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