Integrated resource management in Eastern Africa

BGS Global Research Platform 1

Eastern Africa faces severe natural resource challenges due to exponential population growth, rapid urbanisation and economic development. Our current activities build on the BGS’s strong and diverse research experience in this region, contributing to welfare and future economic growth by the responsible use of natural resources. Principal research includes:

  • quantifying how climate shocks and human stressors impact on water resources and identifying the appropriate water abstraction technologies and how these are governed to ensure they remain functional in the long term
  • enhancing the understanding of the mineral and energy resource potential in the region to facilitate informed policy development, support effective governance mechanisms and aid inward investment
  • using geological science to increase agricultural productivity and tackle micronutrient deficiencies by carrying out research linking bedrock geology and minerals to soil type, thus informing decisions on improving soil quality, use of fertilisers, water retention and plant nutrition (‘hidden hunger’) in vulnerable communities

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