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Download and print free educational resources, from colouring in maps to making volcano models. Or try our range of map viewers or learn about fossils and geological time.

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Climate change through time

The Climate through time poster helps explain our planet’s changing climate and the different rocks that formed as environmental conditions varied through geological time.

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Earth hazards resources

Make a volcano model or work through some classroom activities that introduce P- and S- waves, earthquake seismology and marsquakes.

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Spiral timeline

Fossils and geological time resources

You can download, print and make a number of paper dinosaur puppets to play with or colour-in a geological timeline to hang in your bedroom or classroom.

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Colour in Geology map


You can explore a range of free-to-view, or download, British Geological Survey maps to help you explore the rocks around where you live or to learn more about geological time and climate change.

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Iceberg P912184

Climate change

Climate is the pattern of weather of an area averaged over many years. We can only show whether climate change has occurred after decades of careful measurements and analysis.

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A waterfall in Iceland

Geological processes

Planet Earth is dynamic with a surface that is always changing. Find out about the processes that cause these changes.

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