BGS Technologies

The BGS is involved in many initiatives, at UK, European and global scales, that aim to increase access to public environmental spatial data in interoperable formats.



We played a major role in developing the infrastructure and standards behind INSPIRE. We can help your organisation meet their INSPIRE and UK Location obligations.

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We joined worldwide partners to develop GeoSciML, a geology exchange language for interpreted geology information that is conventionally portrayed on geological maps.

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We led OneGeology in creating an integrated digital geology map of the world, merging live data from over 50 national geological surveys.

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UKSO viewer


The UK Soil Observatory is a collaboration of institutions providing information about the diverse soil types of the UK and delivering that information to science communities and the wider public.

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UMRI-NERC digital products

Find out about digital products across UKRI and NERC.

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Applications, software and online services created by the BGS and our collaborators.

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