Environmental change, adaptation and resilience

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Environmental change

The environmental change, adaptation and resilience challenge area seeks to reduce the vulnerability of social human infrastructure and biological systems to relatively sudden change. This requires us to understand our natural environment, anthropogenic interaction with the subsurface and environmental response, and to model associated change. To do this we will continue to research our groundwater, sea floor, coasts, soils and landscapes, and urban infrastructural interactions with the subsurface.

It is likely that climate change will continue to be a major societal problem and its effects will last many years, and adaptation will be necessary. Adaptation is especially important in developing countries since they are likely to bear the brunt of the effects of global warming. This challenge area aims to help with societal needs and protect our environment; our research is underpinned by excellent laboratories and science capabilities for the delivery of evidence-based science.

Our facilities

stable isotope facility

Stable Isotope Facility

We are the largest UK producer of stable isotope data, particularly specialising in climate, environmental and archaeological studies

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Inorganic science facility

Inorganic Geochemistry Facility

The Inorganic Geochemistry Facility provides high-quality analytical expertise and specialist services for the production and geochemical interpretation of inorganic data.

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Organic geochemistry facility

Organic Geochemistry Facility

We specialise in organic geochemical measurements at the bulk and molecular level in complex matrices, like rock, sediment, soil and water.

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Soil physics facility

Soil Physics Facility

Our facility provides a range of soil physical measurement services as well as complementary analyses to describe the degree to which soil organic matter is decomposed.

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Aquifer Properties Facility

We undertake specialised core characterisation on drillcore and rock chippings from borehole samples for a wide range of hydrogeological purposes.

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Dissolved Gases and Tracers Facility

We are the UK’s leading organisation for groundwater dating and tracing, using a wide range of environmental agents, equipment and capabilities.

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