Environmental modelling

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The BGS Environmental Modelling team aims to advance the understanding of environmental systems through innovative modelling techniques and interdisciplinary research. With a focus on the terrestrial water cycle, we are dedicated to developing accurate, predictive models that aim to support the management of our water environment and its linked environmental systems.

To address the many challenges of a changing climate and environment, people must collaborate. Our work will support a range of stakeholders, from local communities to national governments.

A 3D model of groundwater flowpaths
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A 3D model of groundwater flowpaths.

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Our team comprises experts in:

  • hydrogeology
  • hydrology
  • pollution and contaminant transport
  • geochemistry
  • the cryosphere
  • flooding
  • water resources management

Through the development and application of state-of-the-art mathematical models, we strive to improve our knowledge of the terrestrial water cycle, forecast future change and contribute to sustainable environmental management.

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groundwater flowpaths

Groundwater modelling

Our modelling research focuses on the development and application of models to improve our understanding of hydrological and groundwater processes

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BGWM-feature copy3

British Groundwater Model

A unique tool for simulating groundwater resources at the national scale.

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Glacial, periglacial and permafrost modelling

Glacier ice and permafrost have important implications for global water security and energy infrastructure

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A screenshot of the Philippine National Hydrological Model

Philippine National Hydrological Model

The first national-scale hydrological model of the Philippines.

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Aerial view of Oxford in flood

Groundwater level forecasting

BGS deliver probabilistic forecasts of groundwater levels across the UK’s principal aquifers to provide a range of services that build national resilience to groundwater extremes.

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Our projects



Climate change in the Arctic and North Atlantic region and impacts on the UK

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View across London showing Southwark, one of CAMELLIA's four case study areas. ©i-Stock.com.


A consortium addressing the sustainable management of London’s water within the context of required housing growth and the environment.

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Geological model


The Hydro-JULES research programme will develop a new generation of terrestrial hydrological models to understand the terrestrial water cycle.

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Future impacts, risks and mitigation actions in a changing Earth system

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