Andrew Hughes

Dr Andrew Hughes

BGS Keyworth

Andrew Hughes’ biography

  •  2007 – ongoing: Principal Groundwater Modeller
  •  1999 – 2007: Senior Groundwater Modeller
  •  1998 – 1999: Groundwater modelling manager, Water Management Consultants Ltd, Shrewsbury
  •  1997: PhD University of Birmingham, Modelling gas movement in the unsaturated zone
  •  1994 – 1997: PhD Student, University of Birmingham
  •  1993 – 1994: Groundwater Modeller, Water Management Consultants Ltd, Shrewsbury
  •  1990: MSc University of Birmingham, Water Resources Technology
  •  1990 –1993: Research Associate, University of Birmingham
  •  1989: BEng (Hons) University of Birmingham, Chemical Engineering

Research interests

  • Gas movement through the unsaturated zone
  • Integrated Environmental Modelling
  • Object oriented groundwater model development, particularly with reference to groundwater recharge modelling
  • Simulation of groundwater flooding
  • Stakeholder uptake of modelling results

Current projects and collaboration

  • Development of Community of Integrated Environmental Modelling roadmap – US-European collaboration
  • Hydrological Extremes and Feedbacks in the Changing Water Cycle – BGS PM on NERC Grant – collaboration with Imperial College, University College and Reading University
  • PI for the GROMIT project (NE/F018568/1) which seeks to understand the impact of Climate Change on the efficiency of Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Secretary of the OpenMI Association

Published outputs

NERC Open Research Archive — Dr Andrew Hughes

Key papers

Hughes A G, Vounaki, T, Peach, D W, Ireson, A M, Jackson, C R, Butler, A P, Bloomfield, J P, Finch, J, and Wheater, H S. In press.  Flood risk from groundwater: examples from a Chalk catchment in southern England.  Journal of Flood Risk Management.

Mansour, M M, Hughes, A G, Spink, A E F, and RICHES, J., 2011. Pumping test analysis using a layered cylindrical grid numerical model in a complex, heterogeneous chalk aquifer. Journal of Hydrology DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2011.02.005

Mansour, M M, Barkwith, A K A P, and Hughes, A G. 2011. A Simple Overland Flow Calculation Method for Distributed Groundwater Recharge Models. Hydrological Processes. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.8074

Ó Dochartaigh, B E, MacDonald, A M, Darling, W G, Hughes, A G, Li, J, and Shi, L. 2010.  Determining groundwater degradation from irrigation in desert-marginal northern China.  Hydrogeol. J, 18; 8, 1939-1592.

Rees, J G, Gibson, A D, Harrison, M, Hughes, A, and Walsby, J C. 2009. Regional modelling of geohazard change Geological Society, London, Engineering Geology Special Publications 2009 22: 49-63


  • Gas flow modelling
  • Groundwater modelling

Professional association

  • Fellow of the GeolSoc

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