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Our Product Development teams specialise in combining geoscience with data analytics. Our remit is to maintain and develop new and innovative data products to provide geoscientific information to our stakeholders, served up in a format that is accessible and intuitive. 

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We work closely with the BGS research areas to ensure we incorporate the latest in data, knowledge and know-how, and alongside business development, translate science into data products that respond to stakeholder needs.  We also contribute scientific and geospatial analytical skills and data management expertise to cross-government, multi-agency approaches such as Geospatial Commission.

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Combining expertise from engineering geology, geochemistry, modelling, GIS and many more disciplines, our product development aims to: 

  • supply data and knowledge to users that can be used in the analysis of a range of geo-environmental problems 
  • explore alternative and new methodologies with internal and external partners, developing existing products and services as well as generating new and innovative ones 
  • develop multidisciplinary data products 
  • develop dynamic products (i.e. temporal or responsive) modelling factors such as impact, resilience, risk and uncertainty using numerical and stochastic techniques, improving the quality and integrity of products and services 
  • develop new and innovative methods of data presentation, particularly looking at how to incorporate near real-time data, dynamic process models and 3D geological models and data 
  • respond to end-user needs /problems – work in collaboration with external and internal stakeholders. 

The BGS has set up a data user group to help steer and evaluate new and existing data products. The programme enables us to consult a wide range of consumers of both our commercial and open data products, who then influence and assist us in developing new products that are relevant to our user community.

We are always happy to have new members of this group and welcome any interest. If you are keen to get involved, preview early releases of data and have an opportunity to influence product development then please contact the digital licensing team.

We regularly work in partnerships and on collaborative projects such as NERC ERIIP, NERC Innovation, Innovate UK, Pathfinder and European Space Agency. We contribute both scientific and geospatial analytical skills and expertise. 

The Product development teams have a broad range of data analytical skills and expertise and are able to provide commissioned services to stakeholders, for example a review of multiple geohazards tailored specifically to a network or asset portfolio. We have carried out work for National GridNetwork RailHS2 and others.

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