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Funding from public and private sources

As an independent geological survey, BGS derives funding from a mix of public and private sources. Half of our circa £50 million funding comes from our parent body, the UKRI – Natural Environment Research Council (UKRI-NERC). The additional income we receive is from a combination of commercial data sales, research grants, commercial consultancy for the public and private sector and other services. Some of the work we undertake for our clients is  confidential. In each case our role is to remain impartial and objective.

BGS is often involved in areas of immediate interest and strategic importance to government, industry and society. Undertaking this work requires close association with all parties involved in how the UK’s natural resources are utilised, in understanding natural hazards and environmental changes: industry, government, regulators and other academic institutes. We also often have a role in the transfer of knowledge to industry.

Confidentiality agreements

Wherever possible BGS makes all public information available, and this is standard policy.

Guidelines from the Information Commissioners Office encourages public authorities, like BGS, to work with industry and, where appropriate, to main a degree of confidentiality. Otherwise in some instances it would make it very difficult for industry to work very closely with local/public authorities. An example of publicly available information is our borehole and seismic data which is made publicly available through the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC).

For more information on working with BGS please contact enquiries.

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