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BGS works globally to help stakeholders make better decisions about geology and the role of geological processes in underpinning the economy, environment and society. We are the UK’s premier provider of geological data, information and knowledge to help address major global challenges. Our work helps to support UK foreign and trade policies and demonstrates how the UK is tackling global challenges.

BGS has a powerful brand based on more than 100 years of international collaboration. Our work supports the objectives of UK Government and is truly global, with a track record of projects across Europe, Africa, South-east Asia, and Latin America. We carry out commissioned research and have our own BGS International Geoscience Research and Development programme.

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Mayon volcano in the Philippines, credit ronniereymanjares from Pixabay

International geoscience research and development

The BGS is active across the globe delivering institutional strengthening programmes and applied research projects across a wide variety of sectors.

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BGS Global in Tajikistan

International commissioned research

BGS has a strong portfolio of commissioned international programmes, including applied research covering the breadth of the BGS strategy, and capacity building projects across the world.

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