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Lexicon of Named Rock Units

The BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units provides BGS definitions of terms that appear on our maps and in our publications.

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The palaeontological collections of the BGS are being entered onto the PalaeoSaurus database, which currently totals over 150 000 samples.

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Rock Classification Scheme

The BGS Rock Classification Scheme (RCS) is a corporate standard setting out a practical, logical and robust system for classifying and naming geological materials as they appear at the scale of a single exposure, hand specimen or thin section.

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Fossil taxonomy

The BGS fossil collections and, in some cases, those of collaborating organisations are available to geologists and professional and amateur palaeontologists, forming an important educational tool.

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NGDC deposit data

Linked data

We publish some of our vocabularies and other structured data in accordance with linked data methodologies to enable them to be connected with other datasets and interpreted by machines.

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BGS geoscience vocabularies provide consistency in our classification systems by controlling the spelling and terms used in our data holdings.

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Data collections

Scans, photos and publications that are stored and managed by the BGS

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Data centres

BGS Geologicla data is processed, archived and made available through a range of dedicated data centres.

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