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Operators working on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) are required by the Department of Business and Innovation (BEIS) / OGA to deposit representative samples of core and cuttings at the National Geological Repository (NGR) at Keyworth. The full regulations covering this requirement can be found at PON9 and, for recent wells, in the Information and Samples Regulations made under the Energy Act 2016.

The regulations state that representative cuts from all cores, consisting of at least one quarter the width of the core, and which will allow standard poroperm plugs to be taken, and regular sets of washed and dried cuttings samples, each of which must be at least 100 g in weight, must be provided.

The retention of the samples together with the legacy data being gathered in the NGDC will provide a unique collection of data to assist research and exploration on the UKCS.

Viewing and sampling

Borehole material may be viewed and sampled, by arrangement and subject to certain regulations, in the laboratories of the Survey, by e-mailing the staff noted below or by completing and posting the borehole material regulations and booking form.

The collection was transferred from Gilmerton (Edinburgh) to Keyworth (Nottingham) during 2011–2012. To provide a condition survey of the material it was photographed and the images can now be viewed using the UKCS (offshore) hydrocarbon wells database.

A searchable map of the wells on the UKCS can be found in the BGS Offshore GeoIndex and also on the Oil and Gas Authority website where an automatically generated request form can also be found.

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Get in touch

For general NGR enquiries or to arrange a visit, please contact: or 0115 936 3143

Dr Mike Howe, Chief Curator

Telephone: 0115 936 3105

Alison Fernie, Senior Records Manager

Telephone: 0131 6500 434

Andrew Morrison, Archivist

Telephone: 0115 936 3247

Sue Roper, Geo-Information Collections Co-ordinator

Telephone: 0115 936 3127


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