Climate change and geohazards

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BGS is the UK’s premier provider of objective and authoritative geoscientific data, information and knowledge to help society to use its natural resources responsibly, manage environmental change and be resilient to geohazards.

Our changing climate poses a major environmental problem to which our society will have to adapt.  Consideration of how the physical environment might change across the UK and the effect that these changes may have will be instrumental in tackling these issues.

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Our climate is changing and if we are to ensure that we are prepared for those changes, the relevant environmental data needs to be made easily accessible. This short video gives an overview of the climate-related products and services that BGS is currently developing.

With our climate change research and understanding of potential impacts constantly evolving, it is vital that BGS applies current climate science in its products and datasets, in order to communicate spatial and temporal changes in geohazard susceptibility to all data users. BGS can set a new standard of best practice for the consideration and application of combined geological and climate information through its climate-adjusted data products.

Many of our data users are beholden to regulatory pressures and legally binding environmental targets and therefore have specific geoclimate data requirements. By embedding climate change knowledge into our work, BGS is able to support anyone adapting or building resilience to geohazards under future climate change scenarios.

Download our research briefing

BGS has produced a research briefing around the impact of climate change on geohazards affecting Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The scope of this document is to provide our stakeholders with a summary of BGS’s current research and data development in this area.

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For more information about BGS’s climate work, please contact BGS Enquiries. For any enquiries regarding our digital data products and services, please contact the digital data team.

To help us tailor the climate-related data products and services that we are currently developing, please fill out our questionnaire.

Climate change research and information

Environmental change

Environmental change, adaptation and resilience

We are undertaking research aimed at reducing vulnerability, protecting resources and building resilience in response to substantial environmental changes.

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Wind farm, Soutra. BGS © UKRI.

BGS products and services: climate change in the geo-environment  

BGS are developing a range of climate-focused datasets to assist with this decision making, providing information that will help you make the right decisions when considering potential future climate impacts.

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Iceberg P912184

Discovering Geology: climate change

What is the difference between weather and climate? what causes the Earth’s climate to change and what are the impacts? Find out more with our Discovery Geology climate change resources.

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To help assist us in tailoring the climate related data products and services that we are currently developing, please fill out our questionnaire or for more information our climate related research and services, please contact us at

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