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Muir Dean surface mine. BGS © UKRI.

In line with carbon net zero objectives, there has been a shift in the extractive industry sector away from fossil fuels. With this comes the need to decommission or potentially repurpose old workings, as outlined in UK Offshore Energies Association 2021 decommissioning insight report. BGS is well placed to provide baseline data and information about how climate change may affect associated risks, for example subsidence or groundwater contamination.

With the switch from fossil fuels comes new opportunities. For example, demand for elements used in battery production is rapidly increasing and, with new sources of lithium being found in the UK, BGS can support the industry with baseline geochemical, geophysical and borehole data.

Relevant BGS data products

BGS Civils strength sample

BGS Civils: strength

This theme provides information on zones of rock strength and the local factors controlling it, as part of a suite of GIS layers for different engineering parameters.

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Groundwater vulnerability data

Groundwater vulnerability data

Our groundwater vulnerability maps provide an assessment of the vulnerability of groundwater in overlying superficial rocks and those that comprise the underlying bedrock.

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Hydrological map of Scotland

Hydrogeological maps of Scotland

The BGS has produced a suite of hydrogeological maps of Scotland. The suite includes layers with groundwater vulnerability and aquifer productivity data.

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Non Coal Mining Sample

Mining hazard (not including coal) coverage

The mining hazard dataset provides essential information for planners and developers building in areas of former shallow underground mine workings.

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