BGS Climate Change Products

Wind farm, Soutra. BGS © UKRI.

The UK energy sector is responding and adapting to climate change in several ways. Changes in climate, the associated impacts on ground conditions and related geohazards are important considerations for the maintenance and running of both existing and proposed infrastructure. Potential hazards, all of which can affect both buried and surface infrastructure, include:

  • subsidence
  • landslides
  • groundwater flooding
  • changes in resistivity

Coastal-related geohazards and how they are projected to change under future climatic scenarios are another area of importance, especially for energy sector assets in these coastal regions. BGS has a range of current and in-development datasets that can assist in all these areas.

As well as considering current asset management, the expansion of the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure is equally important. The energy sector is hoping to expand its green energy infrastructure networks and repurpose or decommission existing assets, both on and offshore. BGS’s geological data holdings are well placed to support this. For example, the UK Government’s ‘Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’ aims to produce 40 gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030 and install 600 000 ground heat pumps per year by 2028. Both are ambitious targets with significant geological components that BGS can support.

Relevant BGS data products

BGS Civils strength sample

BGS Civils: strength

This theme provides information on zones of rock strength and the local factors controlling it, as part of a suite of GIS layers for different engineering parameters.

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GeoClimate UKCP09 and UKCP18

BGS has developed a suite of products, including maps and data, which show potential change in subsidence due to UKCP climate change scenarios

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BGS Geology

BGS Geology

The BGS Geology datasets are digital geological maps of Great Britain based on the different series of published BGS geological maps.

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Marine Bedrock 250k

Offshore bedrock 250K

The 1:250 000-scale offshore geological map for bedrock geology (BGS Geology: marine bedrock 250k) is available digitally.

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Marine Sediments 250k

Seabed sediments 250K

The 1:250 000-scale offshore geological maps for seabed sediments are available digitally.

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Marine magnetic survey

Marine magnetic survey

204 724 line-kilometres of offshore ship-borne magnetic survey data that the BGS acquired on the UK continental shelf between 1967 and 1994

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GeoCoast inundation potential under UKCP18 climate scenarios. BGS © UKRI — contains OS data © Crown Copyright 2022.

GeoCoast Premium

GeoCoast is an integrated GIS package of datasets designed to inform and support coastal management and adaptation.

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Depth to groundwater

BGS GeoScour Premium

The BGS GeoScour datasets provide a generalised overview of the natural characteristics and properties of catchment and riverine environments for the assessment of river scour in Great Britain.

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Geosure sample

BGS GeoSure

The BGS GeoSure datasets identify areas of potential hazard and, therefore, potential natural ground movement, in Great Britain.

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