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Stob Coire Sgrodain landslide, Scottish Highlands. BGS © UKRI.

The transport sector faces many of the same challenges as the planning, development and construction sectors, with a particular emphasis on maintenance of existing infrastructure. For example, railway infrastructure stakeholders have a requirement for data products that consider the impacts of climate on bedrock weathering. One example relates to Victorian groundworks that have been subject to weathering and natural slope processes, which changes their structural properties. Changes in future precipitation, drought conditions and other natural processes will alter how such groundworks will respond and evolve in the future. Other examples relate to where transport networks and infrastructure intersect river networks or coastal regions, so climate change-induced changes to river and coastal erosion are also of interest.

Relevant BGS data products

BGS Civils strength sample

BGS Civils: strength

This theme provides information on zones of rock strength and the local factors controlling it, as part of a suite of GIS layers for different engineering parameters.

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GeoCoast inundation potential under UKCP18 climate scenarios. BGS © UKRI — contains OS data © Crown Copyright 2022.

GeoCoast Premium

GeoCoast is an integrated GIS package of datasets designed to inform and support coastal management and adaptation.

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Depth to groundwater

BGS GeoScour Premium

The BGS GeoScour datasets provide a generalised overview of the natural characteristics and properties of catchment and riverine environments for the assessment of river scour in Great Britain.

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Geosure sample

BGS GeoSure

The BGS GeoSure datasets identify areas of potential hazard and, therefore, potential natural ground movement, in Great Britain.

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Soil Parent Sample 1

Soil Parent Material Model

The Soil Parent Material Model details the distribution of properties of the weathered and unweathered soil parent materials of Great Britain.

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