Web services and APIs

BGS Technologies

The BGS provides data online through a series of dedicated web services and feeds. This data can be visualised using a variety of software and viewers.

BGS Web map services

Web map services (WMS)

A standard method of providing map images that can be viewed in GIS software, virtual globes and portal-style websites using a map-based interface.

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Web feature services

Web feature services (WFS)

A standard method of providing geographical features across the web. WFS provides real data as opposed to WMS that provides only images.

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Application programming interfaces (APIs)

A standard software interface offering data access or data processing services between computers or computer programs.

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OGC Catalogue service for the web

OGC catalogue service for the web (CSW)

This OGC CSW service provides a standards-based interface to discover, browse, and query metadata about BGS datasets and data services.

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GeoRSS feed

GeoRSS feeds — UK and worldwide earthquake map

GeoRSS feeds work as normal RSS feeds, but have additional location information embedded in each item. They can be incorporated into mashup-type applications using Google Maps and other available aggregators.

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BGS Minerals

AGS download service

The BGS AGS download service provides free and open access to AGS geotechnical data held by the BGS.

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Examples of how our users have combined BGS OpenGeoscience material with their own data in innovative ways to create new functionality and interfaces.

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NGDC deposit data

Linked data

We publish some of our vocabularies and other structured data in accordance with linked data methodologies to enable them to be connected with other datasets and interpreted by machines.

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Coordinates converter - Pixabay

Coordinate converter

Convert British National Grid to latitude and longitude (WGS84) via online form, web service or bulk conversion.

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Applications, software and online services created by the BGS and our collaborators.

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