BGS Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

BGS strives to identify, protect and maximise the exploitation of its existing and developing IP, in line with our scientific remit and our legal body’s (UKRI) IP and data–exploitation policies. Our intention is to balance the safe retention and control of national geoscience databases and geological information, with the need to release information openly.

To do so, BGS will take active measures to protect against the unauthorised copying and reuse of our materials, whilst creating clear and transparent IP policies to enable authorised reuse for our users, both for commercial and non–commercial purposes.

Compliance with legislation, government policies and guidance will continue to shape our IP policies and procedures. The copyright of all materials derived from the BGS’s work is vested in the United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI).

We have two teams dealing with IPR at BGS:

Digital licensing can assist you with any queries relating to licences for the reuse of our data products. More information

Copyright and legal services provides an advisory and licensing service for the reproduction of our published material in paper or non-manipulable electronic format (e.g. ‘flat’ images). More information

IPR Contacts

Copyright and legal services team:

Name Role Contact Phone
Chris LutonHead of Intellectual Property Rights and Legal servicesemail0115 936 3331
Emma GallagherSenior Intellectual
Property Rights advisor
email0115 936 3457
Sally BoardmanIntellectual Property
Rights Assistant
email0115 936 3589
EU contracts officeremail0115 936 3431

Digital licensing team:

Robert Smith Intellectual property
rights and licensing
email 0115 936 3508
Digital licensing

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Queries or Complaints

If you have any queries or complaints about copyright please contact

For any queries or complaints about digital licencing please contact the IPR and digital licensing manager

For other complaints please refer to Customer Feedback and Complaints Procedures.

Get in touch

If you would like further information about any of our research, data products or services please contact our enquiries team

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