Fluid and Rock Processes Laboratory Cluster

BGS Science Facilities

The Fluid and Rock Processes Laboratory Cluster is led by Dr Jon Harrington. This cluster does research to identify, measure and quantify complex geological and environmental processes essential in the efficient utilisation of natural resources and underground spaces.

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Geomicrobiology laboratory

Geomicrobiology Laboratory

The Geomicrobiology laboratory investigates microbiological processes associated with geological materials and how they impact on the environment.

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Hydrates and Ices Laboratory

The BGS Hydrate and Ices Laboratory is a specialised facility that has been used for 10 years to study the behaviour of gas hydrates within sediments.

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BGS Hydrothermal lab

Hydrothermal Laboratory

This laboratory is used to study chemical reactions between fluids and rocks under conditions found in the top few kilometres of the Earth’s crust.

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Fracture surface

Transport Properties and Fracture Physics Research Laboratories

Research in the TPRL and FPL is focused on understanding fluid (water, gas and solutes) movement and rock deformation in the subsurface, specialising in the measurement of properties in ultra-low permeability materials.

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For more information, please contact the Head of the Fluid and Rock Processes Cluster Dr Jon Harrington

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Ince Marshes © Peter Corcoran

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Decarbonisation of power production, heat, transport and industry is a major challenge and one that intrinsically involves geoscience.

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