Centre for Environmental Geochemistry

BGS Research — Science facilities

The Centre for Environmental Geochemistry (CEG) focuses on the use of geochemistry in research, training and teaching. We investigate:

  • environmental and climate change
  • biogeochemical cycling including pollution typing/provenance
  • science-based archaeology
  • the use of geochemical tools for research into the subsurface

The centre has established collaborations with both the University of Nottingham and Heriot-Watt University.

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angled milling machine

Science facilities

We operate and maintain a wide range of state-of-the-art laboratories and other facilities, which underpin virtually all of our research.

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Environmental change

Environmental change, adaptation and resilience

We are undertaking research aimed at reducing vulnerability, protecting resources and building resilience in response to substantial environmental changes.

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Explore the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry

stable isotope facility

Stable Isotope Facility

We are the largest UK producer of stable isotope data, particularly specialising in climate, environmental and archaeological studies

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Dissolved Gases and Tracers Facility

We are the UK’s leading organisation for groundwater dating and tracing, using a wide range of environmental agents, equipment and capabilities.

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Inorganic science facility

Inorganic Geochemistry Facility

The Inorganic Geochemistry Facility provides high-quality analytical expertise and specialist services for the production and geochemical interpretation of inorganic data.

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Soil physics facility

Soil Physics Facility

Our facility provides a range of soil physical measurement services as well as complementary analyses to describe the degree to which soil organic matter is decomposed.

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Aquifer Properties Facility

We undertake specialised core characterisation on drillcore and rock chippings from borehole samples for a wide range of hydrogeological purposes.

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Organic geochemistry facility

Organic Geochemistry Facility

We specialise in organic geochemical measurements at the bulk and molecular level in complex matrices, like rock, sediment, soil and water.

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