BGS Technologies

Information on BGS data and material collections is available to access online through a series of dedicated databases.


BRITROCKS Rock Collections

The BGS mineralogy and petrology collections contain upwards of a million samples, housed at Keyworth and in Edinburgh.

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SEA data portal

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) data portal

Free access to available information and reports which have been produced through the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) SEA process.

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Borehole materials database

The British onshore borehole collection database, of core and sample types and depths, contains records of over 15 000 onshore boreholes

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Groundwater levels

Groundwater levels

The BGS collect groundwater level data in many of our research projects, and we host the National Groundwater Level Archive, the national repository for groundwater level data.

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Geomagnetic data

Models, services and measurements of Real-time Geomagnetism and Magnetic Fields for a multitude of sectors.

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Sensor data

Real-time monitoring of environmental phenomena is a large and growing area of interest in BGS and wider research communities.

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