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Onshore borehole materials

The British onshore borehole collection database of core and sample types and depths contains records of over 15 000 onshore boreholes. Material types include continuous drillcore, core samples, individual hand specimens, bulk samples, unwashed cuttings, washed and dried cuttings, plugs, powders and bulk samples. Details of thin sections are in our BRITROCKS database.

UKCS (offshore) hydrocarbon well collection

The UKCS (offshore) hydrocarbon well collection database of core and sample types and depths contains records from over 8000 UKCS (offshore) hydrocarbon wells.It includes over 300 km of drillcore and 4.5 million samples of cuttings. Material may be selected by any combination of well name, operator, depth range and sample type.

Results include thumbnail links to high resolution images (where available).

You can also use a map to search this database using our offshore GeoIndex.

Search the borehole materials databases

Core photographs

All BGS core samples are being photographed as high-resolution colour images (7216 × 5412 pixels, i.e. 200 dpi at 100 per cent size for a 1 m × 0.6 m core tray) commencing with the UKCS (hydrocarbon) well cores. They can be accessed through thumbnail links from the details pages of the UKCS (offshore) hydrocarbon wells database.

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