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The BGS maps portal provides high-resolution scans of almost all the small, medium and large scale maps produced by the BGS since mapping started in 1832.  It includes the 1:10 650/1:10 000 large scale maps and key 1:63 360/1:50 000 maps of England, Wales and Scotland. For users who just want to consult the latest editions of the maps, ‘quick links’ have been provided.

Please be aware that the maps, sections and atlases delivered by this portal are scanned copies of the most recently published and printed maps produced by the BGS. Professional users are advised that our most recent mapping is now only updated and delivered digitally without production of a printed product. Our latest digital mapping is available via GeoIndex and may differ significantly from the older versions delivered via this portal.

While viewing of the map images is free, paper copies of maps that are still in print are also available for purchase through the BGS online shop. We offer a print-on-demand service for out-of-print maps.

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BGS Maps Portal

About the BGS maps portal

The portal provides access to over 7000 high-resolution viewing images of almost all the small- and medium-scale maps produced by the BGS since mapping started in 1832 right up to the most recent maps released in 2014.

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