South-west England rare earth element stream sediments

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Partial Great Britain coverage: south-west England
Free / Licensed
ESRI grid data (500 m cell size). Printable maps in pdf format. Database tables for survey points.

Gridded data free for commercial, research and public use under the Open Government Licence.

Survey point data available under licence on request.

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Rare earth elements (REE) are naturally occurring chemical elements that are found in a wide range of geological environments. They are a group of chemically similar, metallic elements that are of increasing interest because they have a variety of applications:

  • a diverse range of consumer electronics (including mobile phones)
  • environmental technologies (including batteries and wind turbines)
  • industrial applications

The dataset consists of a series of interpolated raster (ASCII) grids and maps displaying the distributions of the REEs in stream sediments in south-west England.

SW England REE stream sediment sample. BGS © UKRI – Contains OS data © Crown copyright 2020.
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South-west England REE stream sediment sample. BGS © UKRI — Contains OS data © Crown copyright 2020.

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South-west England REE interpolated maps and grids with a supporting user guide are available to download.

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