Data centres

BGS Data

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National Geoscience Data Centre

The National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) comprises data gathered or generated by the BGS or its precursors, as well as data provided by external organisations.

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Core store

National Geological Repository (NGR)

The National Geological Repository (NGR) is a national science facility and comprises borehole cores, cuttings, samples and specimens, and related subsurface information.

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Geomagnetic data

Geomagnetic Data

Models, services and measurements of Real-time Geomagnetism and Magnetic Fields for a multitude of sectors.

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World Data Centre icon

World Data Centre for Geomagnetism

The WDC has a comprehensive set of digital geomagnetic data as well as indices of geomagnetic activity supplied from a worldwide network of magnetic observatories.

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Data collections

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BGS Maps Portal

Scanned records

Open access to a number of our digital scan collections, including borehole log scans and published maps.

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