Kathryn Goodenough

Dr Kathryn Goodenough

Principal geologist
BGS Edinburgh

Kathryn Goodenough’s biography

  • 2021 – ongoing: International Lead (Regional Geoscience)
  • 2021 – ongoing: UKRI Individual Merit Promotion scientist (IMP3)
  • 2014 – 2021: Deputy to BGS Global Director
  • 2001 – ongoing: British Geological Survey geologist
  • 1998 – 2001: Geologist, Scottish Natural Heritage
  • 1994 – 1997: PhD, University of Edinburgh
  • 1991 – 1994: BA (Hons), University of Oxford, Earth Sciences

Research interests

  • Petrogenesis and metallogenesis of metal deposits associated with igneous rocks
  • Critical metals
  • Mineral resources and sustainable development
  • Evolution and development of the continental crust
  • Ophiolite petrogenesis and emplacement

Current projects and collaboration

  • LiFT (Lithium for Future Technology) NERC-funded project, studying natural resources of lithium (http://www.lithiumfuture.org/)
  • Leading BGS work under FCDO’s Partnerships for Development programme, building capacity and capability to manage natural resources in developing countries
  • HiTech AlkCarb project to develop new geomodels for critical metal exploration in carbonatites and alkaline rocks www.alkcarb.org
  • SoS RARE NERC-funded consortium on mobility and concentration of the rare earth elements in natural systems (www.sosrare.org)
  • EURARE project to assess European rare earth element resources (www.eurare.org)
  • Research into the origin of critical metal deposits associated with magmatic and hydrothermal systems
  • Research into the genesis and evolution of oceanic and continental crust over time

Key papers

Pell, R, Tijsseling, L, Goodenough, K, Wall, F, Dehaine, Q, Grant,A, Deak,D, Yan, X, and Whattoff, P. 2021. Towards sustainable extraction of technology materials through integrated approaches. Nature Reviews Earth and Environment 2, 665-679

Goodenough, K M,Deady, E A, Beard, C D, Broom-Fendley, S, Elliott, H A L, Van Den Berg, F, and Ozturk, H. 2021. Carbonatites and Alkaline Igneous Rocks in Post-Collisional Settings: Storehouses of Rare Earth Elements. Journal of Earth Science

Essaifi, A, Lacinska, A M, Corsini, M, Goodenough, K M, El Arabaouai, A, and Zayane, R. 2021. Mobilisation of rare earth elements in shear zones: Insights from the Tabouchent granodioritic pluton (Jebilet massif, Variscan Belt, Morocco). Ore Geology Reviews

Borst, A M, Smith, M P, Finch, A A, Estrade, G, Villanova-de-Benavent, C, Nason, P, Marquis, E, Horsburgh, N J, Goodenough, K M, Xu, C, Kynicky, J and Geraki, K. 2020. Adsorption of rare earth elements in regolith-hosted clay deposits. Nature Communications 11, 4386

Estrade, G, Marquis, E, Smith, M, Goodenough, K M, and Nason, P. 2019. REE concentration processes in ion adsorption deposits: evidence from the Ambohimirahavavy alkaline complex, Madagascar. Ore Geology Reviews 112, 103027

Deady, E, Lacinska, A, Goodenough, K M, Shaw, R A, and Roberts, N M W. 2019. Volcanic-derived placers as a potential resource of rare earth elements: the Aksu Diamas case study, Turkey. Minerals 9, 208

Goodenough, K M, Wall, F, and Merriman, D. 2018. The Rare Earth Elements: Demand, Global Resources, and Challenges for Resourcing Future Generations. Natural Resources Research doi:10.1007/s11053-017-9336-5

Honour, V C, Goodenough, K M, Shaw, R A, Gabudianu, I, and Hirtopanu, P. 2018. REE mineralisation within the Ditrau Alkaline Complex, Romania: Interplay of magmatic and hydrothermal processes. Lithos 314, 360-381

Goodenough, K M, Schilling, and J, Jonsson, E. et al. 2016. Europe’s rare earth element resource potential: An overview of REE metallogenetic provinces and their geodynamic setting. Ore Geology Reviews 72, 838-856

Goodenough, K M, Lusty, P A J, Roberts, N M W, Key, R M, and Garba, A. 2014. Post-collisional Pan-African granitoids and rare-metal pegmatites in western Nigeria: Age, petrogenesis and the ‘pegmatite conundrum’. Lithos 200, 22-34

Goodenough, K M, Thomas, R J, Styles, M T, Schofield, D I, and Macleod, C J. 2014. Records of ocean growth and destruction in the Oman-UAE ophiolite. Elements 10, 109-114

Walters, A S, Goodenough, K M, Hughes, H S R, Roberts, N M W, Gunn, A G, Ruchton, J, and Lacinska, A. 2013. Enrichment of Rare Earth Elements during magmatic and post-magmatic processes: a case study from the Loch Loyal Syenite Complex, northern Scotland. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 10.1007/s00410-013-0916-z

Goodenough, K M, Crowley, Q G, Krabbendam, M, and Parry, S F. 2013. New U-Pb age constraints for the Laxford Shear Zone, NW Scotland: Evidence for tectono-magmatic processes associated with the formation of a Palaeoproterozoic supercontinent. Precambrian Research 233, 1-19.

Goodenough, K M, Millar, I, Strachan, R A, Krabbendam, M, and Evans, J A. 2011. Timing of regional deformation and development of the Moine Thrust Zone in the Scottish Caledonides: constraints from the U-Pb geochronology of alkaline intrusions. Journal of the Geological Society, Vol.168, 99-114.

Goodenough, K M, Thomas, R J, De Waele, B, Key, R M, Schofield, D I, Bauer, W, Tucker, R, Rafahatelo, J-M, Rabarrimanana, M, Ralison, A, and Randriamananjara, T. 2010. Post-collisional magmatism in the central East African Orogen: the Maevarano Suite of north Madagascar. Lithos,Vol.116, 18-34.

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Goodenough, K M, Evans, J, and Krabbendam, M. 2006. Constraining the maximum age of movements in the Moine Thrust Belt: dating the Canisp Porphyry. Scottish Journal of Geology, Vol. 42, 77-81.

Goodenough, K M, Young, B N, and Parsons, I. 2004. The minor intrusions of Assynt, NW Scotland: early development of magmatism along the Caledonian Front. Mineralogical Magazine, Vol. 68, 541-559.

Goodenough, K M, Upton, B G J, and Ellam, R. 2002. Long-term memory of subduction processes in the lithospheric mantle? Evidence from the geochemistry of basic dykes in the Gardar Province of South Greenland Journal of the Geological Society of London, Vol. 159, 705-715.


  • Igneous petrology and geochemistry
  • Metallogenesis and ore deposits, particularly of the critical metals
  • Geological mapping of basement terrains
  • ArcGIS and digital mapping
  • Science communication
  • French speaker

Professional association

  • 2021 – ongoing: Chief Editor, Earth Science, Systems and Society
  • 2020: Recognised as one of 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining
  • 2019 – 2022: Geological Society Council Member
  • 2019 – ongoing: ICDP Executive Committee Member
  • 2019 – 2021: Executive Editor for Petrology, Geological Magazine
  • 2018 – 2019: Chair of the ICDP Science Advisory Group
  • 2016 – ongoing: Member of the NERC Peer Review College
  • 2013 – 2017: Member of the ICDP Science Advisory Group (Co-Chair 2016 – 22017)
  • 2011 – 2016: General Secretary of the Mineralogical Society
  • 2007 – 2009: Member of Council of the Mineralogical Society
  • 2007 – 2013: Member of Council of the Edinburgh Geological Society
  • 2003 – ongoing: Chartered Geologist
  • 2002 – 2008: Secretary of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group

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