Vasileios Christelis

Dr Vasileios Christelis

Groundwater and hydrological modeller
BGS Keyworth

Dr Vasileios Christelis is an environmental engineer with an expertise in groundwater modelling and water resources management. His current research interests include variable-density flow in coastal aquifers and salars, flow and heat transport modelling for geothermal applications, groundwater drought, surrogate modelling for optimization and sensitivity/uncertainty analysis. Within his BGS role, Vasileios has contributed to groundwater/hydrological modelling projects primarily in the UK environment, as well as in Africa, the Philippines, and South America.

Vasileios Christelis’s Biography

  • 2016 – ongoing: Groundwater modeller, British Geological Survey
  • 2021: PhD, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering
  • 2006: MSc, University of Sheffield, UK, Environmental Management of Urban Land and Water
  • 2005: BSc Environmental Engineering (5-year degree), Department of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

Research interests

  • Coastal aquifer simulation and management
  • Simulation–Optimization methods
  • Surrogate Modelling
  • Groundwater drought modelling
  • Numerical modelling of groundwater flow and heat transfer

Current project or collaboration

  • Project: ATESHAC – Aquifer thermal energy storage for decarbonisation of heating and cooling
  • Project: CHAMFER – UK Coastal Hazards
  • Project: GeoERA-TACTIC – Seawater intrusion modelling, UK
  • Project: SmartRes – Smart assessment, management and optimisation of urban geothermal resources
  • Collaboration: National Observatory of Athens – Efficient simulation of density-dependent flows in coastal aquifers and Lithium-rich brines.



Google Scholar Profile

  • MATLAB, R, Python
  • Member of Technical Chamber of Greece
  • Member of European Water Resources Association (EWRA)
  • Guest Editor in Frontiers in Water
  • Guest Editor in Sustainability Journal

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