Johanna Scheidegger

Dr Johanna Scheidegger

Groundwater and permafrost modeller
BGS Keyworth

Johanna Scheidegger’s Biography

  • 2014 – ongoing : Groundwater and Permafrost Modeller
  • 2010 –2014 : University of East Anglia, PhD, groundwater modelling in permafrost environments
  • 2008 –2009 : The University of Sheffield, MSc, Polar and Alpine Change
  • 2007 –2007 : The University of Sheffield, Erasmus exchange, Geography
  • 2003 –2008 : University of Zurich, BSc, Geography

Research interests

  • Large-scale coupled surface-water groundwater modelling incorporating human impacts
  • Groundwater resources of the Ganges basin, India
  • Modelling permafrost over glacial cycles
  • Groundwater modelling in shallow urban aquifers for geothermal resource assessment


Published outputs
NERC Open Research Archive — Johanna Michaela Scheidegger

Key papers

  • Scheidegger J M, Jackson, C R, McEvoy, F M, and Norris, S. 2019. Modelling permafrost thickness in Great Britain over glacial cycles. Science of The Total Environment 666, 928-943,
  • Grenier, C, Anbergen, H, Bense, V, Chanzy, Q, Coon, E, Collier, N, Costard, F, Ferry, M, Frampton, A, Frederick, J, Gonçalvèsk, J, Holmén, J, Jost, A, Kokh, S, Kurylyk, B, McKenzie, J, Molson, J, Mouche E, Orgogozo, L, Pannetier, R, Rivière, A, Roux, N,Rühaak, W, Scheidegger, J, Selroos, J-O, Therrien, R, Vicstrand, P, and Voss, C. 2018. Groundwater flow and heat transport for systems undergoing freeze-thaw: Intercomparison of numerical simulators for 2D test cases. Advances in Water Resources 114, 196-218,
  • Scheidegger, J M, and Bense, V F. 2014. Impacts of glacially recharged groundwater flow systems on talik evolution Journal of Geophysical 119 (4), 758–778, doi:10.1002/2013jf002894.
  • Scheidegger, J M, Bense, V F, and Grasby, S E. 2012. Transient nature of Arctic spring systems driven by subglacial meltwater. Geophysical Research Letters, 39 (12), doi:10.1029/2012gl051445.


  • Numerical modelling of groundwater systems
  • Development of coupled heat and fluid flow models with focus on cold region applications
  • Groundwater resource assessment

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