Improving and ensuring the security of international groundwater resources

BGS Research — Integrated resource management in Eastern Africa

This programme of research will investigate multi-stressor pressures and natural controls on the security of water resources in Africa and corresponding effects. In time, an integrated catchment-based approach will be developed that:

  • translates relevant techniques and methods developed in other parts of the world
  • links water with food, energy and resources
Groundwater storage in Africa
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Groundwater storage in Africa. BGS © UKRI.

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There are multiple, interacting drivers of environmental change associated with the growing African population, such as increased living standards, urbanisation, and the frequency of droughts and floods. Water resources, including groundwater, are linked to other critical, natural resources such as energy and food. Understanding synergies and trade-offs between water, energy and food production is essential to the successful management of our finite natural resources.

The research will build on an existing, highly successful programme of work to:

  • improve understanding of how groundwater increases the resilience of communities and agriculture, focusing first on East Africa
  • investigate the constraints on developing groundwater
  • develop tools and technologies to investigate how climate affects groundwater

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Integrated resource management in Eastern Africa

Our current activities build on the BGS’s extensive research experience in this region, contributing to welfare and future economic growth by the responsible use of natural resources.

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