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2km gridded dataset
Great Britain
GIS polygon data (ESRI, MapInfo, others available by request)
National-level use

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The BGS GeoClimate: shrink–swell national datasets show potential change in subsidence due to changes in climate. They have been developed by combining long-term UK Climate Projection (UKCP) scenarios for rainfall and temperature changes with the geotechnical properties of the ground, to identify areas projected to experience the largest increases in susceptibility to subsidence over the next century.

GeoClimate UKCP18 Open is provided for two time periods, 2030s and 2070s, with one projection provided for each time period based on the average outcome for the UKCP18 higher emissions scenario and the most susceptible GeoSure value (worst case) within the grid cell.

Additional dataset information

Features GeoClimate UKCP18 Open
UKCP18 emissions scenarioHigher emissions (RCP8.5)
Temporal projections (11-year windows)2030s (2025–2035), 2070s (2065–2075)
Projections providedMedian average

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