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1:50 000
Great Britain
GIS polygon data. (ESRI, MapInfo, others available by request)

£0.11 per km2. Subject to number of users, licence fee and data preparation fee.

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Our free data is available under the Open Government Licence. Please acknowledge reproduced BGS materials.

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‘Permeability’ refers to whether and how water can flow through a rock. Permeability data is often used in studies of groundwater and in particular during investigations of pollution or aquifer contamination. We have prepared permeability information based on the 1:50 000-scale digital geological map of Great Britain (BGS Geology 50K).

The permeability indices are based on geological considerations:

  • the predominant flow mechanism:
    • intergranular flow
    • fracture flow
    • a mixture of intergranular and fracture flow
  • a maximum permeability index
  • a minimum permeability index

The permeability indices indicate the range of permeability likely to be encountered for each geological unit. The maximum and minimum permeability indices are divided into five classes: very high, high, moderate, low, and very low.

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We have a wide range of licensed geoscience data. The datasets range from the geological data family (BGS Geology) to offshore data, ground stability datasets and 3D models.

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