Sustainable use of the subsurface

The ground beneath our feet provides us with a valuable resource for a wide range of applications. In the UK, cities and towns have evolved to use and exploit the urban subsurface in a multitude of different ways — for example water supply, transport tunnels, and burial grounds — each influenced by their individual geological setting. These activities leave a lasting imprint underground.

To help unlock the economic potential of the ground we need to understand the services it provides, from water, geothermal energy and building materials through to green infrastructure and human health. At the heart of this approach lies a city-scale ground model that allows us to understand and manage the multiple and complementary uses of the ground to avoid potential conflicts and competition for space and function.

Our subsurface interactions tool allows you to explore the different uses of the ground and how one activity may affect another. Illustrations, news articles and video clips are used to demonstrate these interactions.


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