Stephanie Bricker

Stephanie Bricker

BGS Urban Geoscience team leader
BGS Keyworth
Stephanie studies urban groundwater, optimal use of the urban subsurface, and the provision of city ground models. She is a Chartered Hydrogeologist with 12 years’ experience across regulatory and research fields.

Stephanie Bricker’s Biography

  • 2016 – ongoing: ODA Platform Manager: Asian Cities, British Geological Survey
  • 2014 – ongoing: Team leader – Urban Geoscience, British Geological Survey
  • 2008 –2014: Hydrogeologist, British Geological Survey
  • 2008: PGdip, University College London, Hydrogeology
  • 2004: BSc, University of East Anglia, Environmental Earth Sciences
  • 2004: Hydrogeologist, Environment Agency

Research interests

  • Sustainable use of Urban Underground Space
  • Urban geological resilience
  • Urban groundwater systems (London, Glasgow, East Midlands)
  • Use of 3D/4D geological models for hydrogeological and urban research
  • Investigation of climate change and hydrological extremes on groundwater resources
  • Development of multi-scale map tools for city decision-making
  • Quantitative hydrogeology and aquifer properties

Current projects and collaborations

Published outputs

NERC Open Research Archive — Stephanie Bricker

Boni, R, Cigna, F, Bricker, S, Meisina, C, McCormack, H. 2016 Characterisation of hydraulic head changes and aquifer properties in the London Basin using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry ground motion data. Journal of Hydrology, 540. 835-849. 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.06.068
Banks, V J, Bricker, S H, Royse, K R and Collins, P E F. 2015. Anomalous buried hollows in London: Development of a hazard susceptibility map, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrology. 48 (1). 55-70. 10.1144/qjegh2014-037
Bloomfield, J P, Marchant, B P, Bricker, S H, Morgan, R B. 2015 Regional analysis of groundwater droughts using hydrograph classification. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 19 (10). 4327-4344. 10.5194/hess-19-4327-2015
Bricker, S H, Yadav, S K, MacDonald, A M, Satyal, Y, Dixit, A, Bell, R. 2014 Groundwater resilience Nepal: preliminary findings from a case study in the Middle Hills. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 60pp. (OR/14/069) (Unpublished)
Bricker, S H, and Bloomfield, J P. 2014. Using grain-size data to define the basin-wide distribution of superficial permeability: an illustration from the Thames catchment, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology.
Bricker, S H, Barron, A J M, Hughes, A G, Jackson, C and Peach, D. 2014. From geological complexity to hydrogeological understanding using an integrated 3D conceptual modelling approach – insights from the Cotswolds, UK: in Fractured Rock Hydrogeology (Sharp, J.M., Jr., ed.), Selected Papers, International Association of Hydrogeologists, Taylor & Francis, London, Ch. 6 ISBN 978-1138001596
Royse, K, Banks, V, Bricker, S, and Marchant, A. 2013. Can sustainable development be achieved if geology is ignored? Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Geowissenschaften. 164 (4). 541-555. 10.1127/1860-1804/2013/0024
Bloomfield, J P, Bricker, S H and Newell, A. J. 2011. Some relationships between lithology, basin form and hydrology: a case study from the Thames Basin, UK

Professional associations

  • Chartered Geologist (Hydrogeology) – Geological Society of London
  • Member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists
  • Member of the UK Water Partnership Water and Cities task force

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