Research projects

Current research themes being investigated by our team.

Undulating road Climatic hazards and natural geological events (CHANGE)

Climate change is an increasingly important issue affecting us all, from housing subsidence to road or pipe damage. This research focuses on the potential effects of climate change on subsidence, and how tools for future scenario forecasting can aid planning and development.

Coastal vulnerability Coastal vulnerability index (CVI)

Coastal vulnerability is an issue in many coastal areas of Great Britain. Understanding the processes and identifying potential geohazards and interdependencies within the coastal zone allows users to mitigate and plan to improve future resilience.

City layers Land feasibility interrogation tool (LandFIT)

LandFIT is a land suitability assessment tool, for the assessment of conflicting demands on land, appropriate and optimal use for land for planning purposes.

Mine Mining hazards

Mining hazards considers the long and varied legacy of underground extraction of minerals in Great Britain. Previous research has defined the spatial extent of non-coal mining and now the BGS isinvestigating the 'zone of influence' around areas of underground mining.

3D layers Multihazard impact assessment system (MImAS)

Multihazards, such as floods causing slope failure or bridge collapse, are increasingly active within our environment and affect power supply, transport, etc. We are developing a multihazard impact assessment system to identify locations throughout the UK at greatest risk from the combined effects of multiple natural hazards.

hazards image Repurposing for emergency service usage (REScUe)

REScUe is repurposing BGS geohazard datasets in conjunction with emergency responders in order to deliver appropriate data for specific situations.

River Scour

River scour can occur when the forces imposed by the flow on a sediment particle exceed the stabilising forces acting upon it. This project will provide a tool that helps stakeholders make business decisions about survey, remediation and maintenance of in-river structures, with the aim of filling the gap in current scour modelling by providing a combined geological and hydrological assessment tool using site-specific case studies to build and validate a national to local-scale nested model.

Layered image Suitability and viability of green infrastructure (SVGI)

Green infrastructure is a key component of modern urban environments. This project explores the geological properties and ground conditions that can affect green infrastructure environments.


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