Focus groups and collaboration

The hazard and resilience modelling team are keen to hear from you if you believe there is scope within these projects for collaboration with your organisation. Case studies and sample datasets are particularly welcomed.

Through our projects we aim to:

  • develop tools to improve understanding and communication of the impact of UK geohazards
  • help improve society's resilience, delivering tools and services that enable people, businesses, first and second responders and the Government to make more informed decisions based on the likely impact of geohazards
  • produce time-relevant geohazard information products and services to enable decision makers to have access to real-time information about the potential likelihood or threat from geohazards


Focus groups

Our focus groups include a broad range of members from industry, government, academia and data resellers. Depending on the stage of development of the research and products, meetings will be held around once per year in order to focus initial development needs and then again to direct the type of outputs, format and access requirements. We endeavour to create and deliver a broad range of products suitable for and tailored to stakeholder needs, and your input into the development process is key.

Current focus groups include:

  • coastal vulnerability
  • climate change
  • river scour
  • multihazards

Bespoke data analytics services for geohazard assessments

The hazard and resilience modelling team have a broad range of data analytical skills and expertise and are able to provide commissioned services to stakeholders, for example a review of multiple geohazards tailored specifically to a network or asset portfolio. We have carried out work for National Grid, Network Rail, HS2 and others.

Collaboration opportunities

We regularly work in partnerships and on collaborative projects such as NERC ERIIP, NERC Innovation, Innovate UK, Pathfinder and European Space Agency. We contribute both scientific and geospatial analytical skills and expertise.


Contact Katy Lee for more information or to discuss opportunities if you are interested in collaborating with us.