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GeoClimate launch event – reducing subsidence risk due to climate change

Learn more about a major new release of our GeoClimate UKCP18 data

Event on 27/04/2021

BGS invites you to discover more about a major new release of our GeoClimate UKCP18 data. The BGS GeoClimate: shrink–swell national datasets show potential change in subsidence due to changes in climate, identifying areas projected to experience the largest increases in susceptibility to subsidence over the next century.

In the webinar you will get insights into the content of the data, learn more about our upgrade from GeoClimate UKCP09, the research and potential uses.

An expert panel will then be available to answer your Questions.

This 30 minute webinar will cover:

  • Examples of use and applicability
  • The GeoClimate development and research
  • GeoClimate latest features and content
  • The different climate scenarios used
  • Differences between the Open and Premium Products
  • Q&A session with the experts

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About the BGS GeoClimate UKCP data products

Potential subsidence is driven by both the geology and climate. By combining geological data and applying the UK Climate Projections (UKCP) scenarios in the UK for the next century, BGS have been produced maps showing areas with varying vulnerability to shrink–swell and subsidence in the future due to climate change. These hazards may lead to financial loss for anyone involved in the ownership or management of property, including developers, householders, owners of commercial buildings, local government and property insurers.

In the webinar we’re bringing together the research scientists and product development experts to provide an introductory overview to the dataset and the science that underpins it.


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