Title: Themes: Scale: Coverage: Availability:
BGS Resistivity Built environment 1:50 000 Great Britain Licensed
BGS Seabed Geology Geology 1:10 000 – 1:50 000 Regional Free
Biosphere isotope domains (Great Britain) Geochemistry The dataset is represented by 1 km hexagon cells Great Britain Free
Coal Authority geophysical borehole logs Geophysics N/A Various areas in the UK Licensed
Coal Authority seismic survey Geophysics N/A Various areas in the UK Licensed
Coal resources for new technologies Mining and minerals 1:1 000 000 UK Free
Great Britain aeromagnetic survey Geoscience information Mostly at 2 km flight line separation 400 m in South West England Onshore GB and adjacent seas Free
Great Britain land gravity survey Geophysics Approximately one observation per 1.6 km2 Onshore Great Britain Free
Hi-RES1 survey Geoscience information 400 m flight line separation North Midlands of England into Welsh Borderland Free
Hutton hydrocarbon field data Mining and minerals N/A The Hutton Field, East Shetlands Basin Free
Marine gravity survey Geoscience information N/A UK continental shelf Licensed
Marine magnetic survey Geophysics N/A UK continental shelf Licensed
Total organic carbon Energy N/A Great Britain Licensed
UK Atlantic frontier aeromagnetic survey Geoscience information Flight line varies between surveys but many at 2 km UK Atlantic margin Licensed
Vitrinite reflectance Geoscience information N/A Great Britain Licensed

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