Title: Themes: Scale: Coverage: Availability:
Coal Authority geophysical borehole logs Geophysics N/A Various areas in the UK Licensed
Coal Authority seismic survey Geophysics N/A Various areas in the UK Licensed
Geophysical borehole logs Geophysics N/A Various areas in the UK Licensed
Great Britain aeromagnetic survey Geoscience information Mostly at 2 km flight line separation 400 m in South West England Onshore GB and adjacent seas Free
Great Britain land gravity survey Geophysics Approximately one observation per 1.6 km2 Onshore Great Britain Free
Hi-RES1 survey Geoscience information 400 m flight line separation North Midlands of England into Welsh Borderland Free
Hutton hydrocarbon field data Mining and minerals N/A The Hutton Field, East Shetlands Basin Free
Marine gravity survey Geoscience information N/A UK continental shelf Licensed
Marine magnetic survey Geophysics N/A UK continental shelf Licensed
UK Atlantic frontier aeromagnetic survey Geoscience information Flight line varies between surveys but many at 2 km UK Atlantic margin Licensed

From 1 April 2024, BGS will apply a 5 per cent increase to its direct licence fees for all data products. This means that any direct licence issued or renewed on or after 1 April 2024 will reflect this increased price. Existing data licensees will not be affected until such time as their licence is next due for renewal, after 1 April 2024..

BGS has not increased its data product licence fees for many years: this 2024 increase takes into account inflationary and cost pressures faced by BGS, including increased staff costs, and follows a review of Office for National Statistics guidance with regard to inflation and price indices. Going forwards, BGS will undertake annual price reviews and will communicate any future licence fee changes (from 2025) as appropriate.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact the IPR digital team (

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