Talla project — Automated weather station (AWS)

Weather station

Installed on the hillside south of Talla Moss in August 2009, the BGS AWS is a modular tripod-mounted unit, based around a Campbell Scientific CR10X datalogger. A solar panel maintains continuous power by recharging a high capacity 12V battery, enabling readings to be automatically taken every ten seconds throughout the year. The unit has enough storage for 20 years of continuous data logging.

The weather station stands at an elevation of 440m above OD, and is adjacent to Borehole 1 sited on the alluvial gravels of the Talla Water. It is currently set up to measure maximum and minimum temperature using a thermistor; housed in the same enclosure is a capacitive sensor measuring relative humidity; wind speed and direction are determined using a cup anemometer and high precision vane; a tipping bucket rain guage measures precipitation; and solar intensity is measured using a thermopile pyranometer. This data is stored on the logger and retrieved on a monthly basis via laptop download.

Talla - detailed rainfall
Talla - average air temperature

Flexible data storage, integration and delivery

Once sufficient time-series weather data becomes available a Weather Data Calendar for the Talla site (similar to Groundwater sampling and modelling ) will be added to make graphic plots of these datasets available on-line. The eventual aim is to place both the weather and groundwater datasets, together with other time-series data (slope stability, fan aggradation, peak flow water sampling, stream gauging), when they become available, into a combined Oracle™ schema to enable efficient and flexible data storage, integration and delivery.