Geology and Regional Geophysics

Geological mapping in the UK by BGS geologists.

We carry out multidisciplinary survey and research into British geology, producing 2D and 3D geological maps and models.

Our geological surveys use the BGS·SIGMA workflow, and together with outputs from our research and data holdings, this underpins the geological products and services that we provide.

We provide information, expertise and advice about all aspects of geology for various customers and users.

Our impartial research informs other major stakeholders such as the groundwater industry, environmental organisations, the minerals industry, land-use planners, and the public.

UK geology

Current activities and research

3D geological model of Great Britain.

We are involved in a broad spectrum of research activities, often collaborating with other areas of BGS research, including:

We provide geological expertise for co-funded and commissioned projects such as:


Science Director, Geology and Regional Geophysics: Andy Howard