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Distribution of sites in the first digital release of the legacy geothermal catalogue. BGS © UKRI.
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UK legacy geothermal catalogue released in digital format for the first time


BGS has released the first digital version of the UK legacy geothermal catalogue of subsurface temperature measurements, rock thermal conductivity measurements and heat flow calculations.

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Fallow deer stag © Bob Brewer/Unsplash.
Research highlight

New research supports conservation of fallow deer across Europe


New research has combined zooarchaeology and ancient and modern biomolecular datasets to reveal new understandings into the history and projections of fallow deer.

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2024 Mine Water Energy Symposium - 24 to 26 April 2024
BGS events

2024 Mine Water Energy Symposium

Event on 24/04/2024

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Rebecca Mumpansha, a GSD librarian, with the sales stock of geological maps. © Rachel Talbot. 
BGS blogs

Unlocking key mineral archives at the Zambian Geological Survey Department 


Rachel Talbot recounts a recent visit by BGS Records staff to the Zambian Geological Survey Department, to assist in critical mineral data management.

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Longton, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Research highlight
Soil maps could hold the key for urban planning


Research by BGS has developed a predictive model to evaluate levels of bioaccessible contaminants in urban soils and their relationship with the underlying geology and former industrial land use.

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Underground research at Boulby Mine
Research highlight
The scientists going underground in search of answers to energy storage


Finding answers to some of our planet’s biggest challenges can require scientists to carry out their work in the most extraordinary of environments.

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A brown and white calf in a field
Research highlight
Scientists analyse lime resources in the UK


A study by BGS scientists could help to improve soil magnesium concentrations and pH in grassland areas of England and Wales, with benefits for UK agriculture and farming.

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A white balloon and a white kite float above a yellow, ring-shaped inflatable, which is sitting on the ground on a blue tarpaulin. The kite and balloon are tethered to a pole. A person in a hi-vis vest stands to theleft holding a flare that is emitting pink smoke.
Research highlight
Making recommendations for the management of carbon dioxide storage and unconventional hydrocarbon extraction sites


The safe operation of geoenergy and subsurface storage sites is required to help meet net zero carbon ambitions.

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A pool of blue-green water surrounded by a pillared walkway made of yellow rock
Research highlight
Unlocking the deep geothermal energy potential of the Carboniferous Limestone Supergroup


How understanding the subsurface beneath our towns and cities may allow us to access geothermal energy for heating homes and powering the UK.

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A wom,an pumping water from a public well in a street
Research highlight
Improving water security in the Philippines


Water supplies in parts of the Philippines are frequently scarce and supplies are often shut down. Intermittent water supply in parts of the country presents serious consequences to health.

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A motor showing copper wires inside it
Research highlight
Insights into the ‘missing link’ of how copper ore deposits form


Porphyry deposits provide around 75 per cent of the world’s copper, which is in increasing demand as a major raw material in power infrastructure and green technologies.

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