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Groundwater resilience with Alan MacDonald


Learn more about our groundwater resilience research and our work with WaterAid on the UPGro project, focusing on groundwater availability in Africa.

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Map showing the locations (red dots) of the deepest points in each of the world’s five oceans (Atlantic, Southern, Indian, Pacific and Arctic). Global bathymetry from Global Multi-Resolution Topography Synthesis (GMRT).
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Deepest points of the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean revealed


As part of the Five Deeps Expedition team, scientists from BGS have surveyed in detail the deepest reaches of the Java and South Sandwich trenches.

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Floodplain wetland, Eddleston
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Building with nature and geology to protect against flooding


Discover how BGS is working alongside partners to investigate the effectiveness of natural flood management initiatives and mitigate the threat of flooding.

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A motor showing copper wires inside it
Research highlight
Insights into the ‘missing link’ of how copper ore deposits form


Porphyry deposits provide around 75 per cent of the world’s copper, which is in increasing demand as a major raw material in power infrastructure and green technologies.

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New instrument to characterise the geochemistry of microscopic, solid-rock materials resulting from ancient fluid events such as those occurring during or after volcanic eruptions. Image credit: BGS ©UKRI. All rights reserved.
Research highlight
Funding for a new type of mass spectrometer to aid net zero research


This new instrument will be used to characterise the geochemistry of microscopic, solid-rock materials.

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The BGS iGeology app has been downloaded over 400 000 times worldwide by users such as building surveyors, walkers, teachers and geologists. © sturti iStock.
Research highlight
iGeology: enhancing the visibility of BGS map data and reports


Downloaded over 400 000 times worldwide by building surveyors, walkers, teachers and geologists

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A geologist kneeling on a wide, white expanse of a salt flat in Argentina
Research highlight
Virtual fieldwork during a global pandemic


Virtual field reconnaissance can help maintain research momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Heat recovery and storage in the urban subsurface, using open- and closed-loop ground-source heat pumps (GSHP), connected via heat networks, could offer part of the solution to decarbonise energy supplies to achieve net zero
Research highlight
The Cardiff Urban Geo Observatory: ‘a city-scale observatory for city-scale challenges’


Heat recovery and storage in the urban subsurface could offer part of the solution to decarbonise energy supplies.

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A modern sculpture of teo curved half arches in Cunigar Loop Park, Glasgow
Research highlight
Delivering geoenergy research infrastructure in Glasgow


Data from the Glasgow Observatory will help us to understand coal-mine-water heat and sustainable ways of heating our cities.

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H2 storage
Research highlight
Safe storage of hydrogen in porous rocks: the challenges and knowledge gaps


Increasing the amount of renewable energy that generates clean electricity will require a transition from natural gas to hydrogen and to store heat/cool in rocks.

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