Volcanology staff pen pictures

The following staff members work on volcanology projects. Click on any staff member's name to take you to their personal web page. The staff profiles page enables you to search for any BGS staff member.

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Dr Sue Loughlin

Dr Sue Loughlin
Head of Volcanology

  • communicating science to the public
  • environmental and social impacts of volcanic eruptions
  • explosive eruptions
  • lava dome eruptions
  • physical volcanology
  • risk and uncertainty
  • science into policy and procedure
  • volcanic hazards (primary and secondary)
Dr Charlotte Vye

Dr Charlotte Vye-Brown

  • lava flow emplacement and architecture of flood basalt provinces
  • volcanic and magmatic evolution of active continental rifts
  • volcanic hazards and their impacts
  • science into policy and communicating uncertainty
  • multi-disciplinary appraoches to understanding and mitigating volcanic risk

Dr Julia CrummyDr Julia Crummy

  • tephra studies — tephrochronology, tephra dispersion modelling
  • igneous petrology and geochemistry
  • field mapping
  • explosive volcanism
  • science communication

Dr Melanie Duncan

  • volcanic hazards and risk
  • multiple and related (including cascading and interacting) hazards
  • impacts of volcanic eruptions
  • role of science in resilience building
  • disaster risk reduction policy and practise

Dr Fabio Dioguardi

  • physical volcanology
  • numerical simulations of multiphase flows
  • sedimentology of dilute pyroclastic density currents
  • interpretation of pyroclastic flow deposits

Dr Sam Engwell

  • physical volcanology
  • numerical modelling
  • explosive eruptions
  • ash dispersal
  • sensitivity analysis of numerical models
  • co-ignimbrite plumes
Dr Katy Mee

Dr Katy Mee
Volcanologist / GIS specialist

  • volcanic hazards and hazard / risk communication
  • volcano-ice interaction
  • 3D geological modelling and stochastic propoert modelling
  • GIS analysis and its applications


Dr Kay Smith

Dr Kay Smith
Remote Sensing Geologist

  • 3D Visualisation using SocetSet, Geovisionary
  •  ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, ER Mapper, NERC ARSF (azgcorr & azexhdf) for remote sensing data visualisation, manipulation and interpretation
  • GIS (ArcGIS)
  • Programming in IDL, UNIX, HTML, C++
Dr Francesca Cigna

Dr Francesca Cigna
Remote Sensing Geoscientist

  • Earth observation and monitoring
  • radar interferometry
  • InSAR and PSI monitoring of geohazards affecting urban and rural environments

Dr Kathryn Goodenough

Dr Kathryn Goodenough
Geologist and communications

  • evolution and development of the continental crust
  • digital geological mapping and ArcGIS
  • Petrogenesis and metallogenesis of metal deposits associated with igneous rocks


Dr Lorraine Field

Dr Lorraine Field
Mineralogist / Petrologist

  • mineralogy and petrology
  • igneous petrology
  • evolution of magmatic systems


Dr Brian Baptie
Head of Seismology

  • volcano seismology
  • seismic monitoring of volcanic activity

Dr Richard Luckett

  • volcano seismology
  • monitoring crustal strain on active volcanoes
Dr Lorraine Field

Dr Susanne Sargeant

  • seismic hazard and risk
  • vulnerability and resilience
  • science communication

IT/GIS Specialists

Martin Nayembil
Data architect