Grímsvötn volcanic ash collection questionnaire

Red markers indicate where ash has been observed, blue markers indicate no observation.

In 2011, in response to eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland, members of the public answered an online questionnaire indicating whether or not they thought volcanic ash was falling in their area. The red markers show where members of the public thought they had observed volcanic ash, the blue markers show where members of the public believed there was no ash. Members of the public were also invited to collect falling ash using a variety of methods and send the samples to BGS. Some of the samples submitted contained such small particles that identification was challenging but analysis has shown that ash fell mainly in the north of the UK and not in the south. The samples were analysed using a scanning electron microscope which can reveal textures showing how magma in the volcano fragmented and the results were sent back to public respondents where possible and posted on the BGS website. This work was carried out in collaboration with John Stevenson at Edinburgh University.


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