Title: Themes: Scale: Coverage: Availability:
BritPits Mining and minerals N/A Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands Free / Licensed
Coal resources for new technologies Mining and minerals 1:1 000 000 UK Free
Historical planning permission database Mining and minerals 1:50 000 England and Wales Licensed
Hutton hydrocarbon field data Mining and minerals N/A The Hutton Field, East Shetlands Basin Free
Mineral resources Mining and minerals 1:50 000 England, Wales, central belt of Scotland Licensed
Mining hazard (not including coal) 1 km hex grid Hazards 1 km hex grid (approx. 1:1 000 000) Great Britain Free
Mining hazard (not including coal) coverage Hazards 1:50 000 Great Britain Licensed
UK and world mineral statistics datasets Mining and minerals N/A Worldwide Free

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