How to apply

If you are eligible for a NERC training award or research grant, you can apply for access to these facilities. You can find out more about your eligibility by reading section C of the NERC research grants handbook. Before submitting your application, it is important that you first seek the advice of staff at the relevant facility. Applications are reviewed twice yearly (in May and November) by the NERC Isotope Geoscience Facilities Steering Committee.

Timetable for application submission and approval

Deadline for submission of draft applications to facilities: 22 March 2017.

Deadline for application submission: 05 April 2017.

Steering Committee meets: 24–25 May 2017.

Outcome letters released: 23 June 2017.

Application Form for May 2017

To ensure compatibility when submitting your application, please DO NOT USE older versions.


For further information contact Béatrice Bullock-von Moos.