Inorganic geochemistry reference materials

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The sample handling team routinely prepares bulk reference materials for a variety of sample matrices such as soils, peats and sediments. Bulk materials and reference materials are used for laboratory quality control and proficiency testing to assess the quality of instrumentation and analytical techniques.

Reference materials at the BGS

Reference material preparation and characterisation has been carried out at the BGS over the past 50 years. Following an interlaboratory investigation of accuracy in ore analysis carried out by the then Institute of Geological Sciences in 1968, further ores and mineral concentrates have helped establish accurate and consensual analysis in the mining sector. More recently, soil and stream sediment samples have been helping to provide quality control for multi-elemental geochemical analysis programmes and contaminated land analysis.

We have produced a suite of ten new soil reference materials as part of our BGS110 series, with a wide range of soil chemistry and elemental concentrations to cater for different analytical needs, interests and industries, such as:

  • agriculture
  • impact upon human and animal nutrition
  • geochemical exploration
  • contaminated land management

Reference material details

Name Description Weight (g) Price (£)
BGS110Till with granitic content4070
BGS111Silty clay soil overlying serpentinite3870
BGS112Sandy granitic till overlying granite4370
BGS113Silty clay soil overlying clastic metasediments3870
BGS114Silty soil overlying clastic metasediments4170
BGS115Silty/peaty soil overlying limestone2470
BGS116Silty soil overlying limestone4370
BGS117Silty soil overlying sandstone4170
BGS118Silty soil overlying shale3870
BGS119Soil with industrial contamination (<250 μm)2670
BGS102Ironstone soil10090
IGS27Molybdenum-tungsten (Mo-W) ore6525

Postage and packing is added as follows:

  • Tracked UK delivery: £15.00
  • Tracked European delivery: £25.00
  • Tracked worldwide delivery: £35.00

All prices quoted exclude VAT at the applicable rate.


For purchasing and more information on the reference materials, please contact the inorganic geochemistry team.

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