The study of volcanoes covers a broad area of science including geology, geophysics, geochemistry and atmospheric processes.

In BGS, we draw on a broad range of expertise across the Earth Hazards and Observatories programme, and through collaborative research worldwide, we are gaining a better understanding of volcanic processes, hazards and risks. Through engagement with policy and decision makers, private enterprise, NGOs and the public we are contributing to strategies for mitigation of volcanic risks.

Our research interests include:

  • volcanic hazards
  • interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research
  • mapping and analysis of volcanic deposits
  • earth observation
  • tephra studies
  • modelling eruption processes
  • volcano seismology
  • communicating science
fire fountainRecent eruptions and unrest
Information on recent eruptions and unrest with links to the latest news on global volcanoes.

Research Areas

afar rift valley projectRift zone settings

Volcanism in Africa and Iceland.

EVOSS ProjectEarth Observation

Remote Sensing, ground deformation, volcanic emissions.

Clocktower in Plymouth, the capitol of MontserratVolcanic Hazards and impacts

Hazard and risk analysis, vulnerability and resilience.

UK Sample location mapCitizen Science

Making volcanic observations in the UK, ash sampling, myVolcano app.

research on icelandic glaciersSubduction zone settings

Volcanism in the Antilles, Central and South America.

Deformation monitoring in MontserratVolcano monitoring

Seismic monitoring, deformation, environmental monitoring.

mars volcanoPlanetary volcanism
Volcanism on Mars.


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